The best way for kids to know God is for kids to know people who know God.

God leverages community and relationships to bring kids and teenagers into a lifelong relationship with Him. Small Group Leaders play an essential role in that. On today’s episode of the Think Orange Podcast, Adam Duckworth shares why having a lead small mentality works. Then, we have a conversation with Terry Scalzitti about the five roles of a Small Group Leader.

Welcome to Episode 009 of the podcast.

Topic Timeline:

How Adam Duckworth got started in ministry (4:35)

If you’re serious about giving kids an authentic faith, you need to get serious about connecting kids to consistent leaders( 6:40)

Kids need consistent leaders and relationships (8:05)

God reveals Himself to us when we show up for someone else (10:00)

The best way for kids to know God is for kids to know people who know God (11:45)

We have a responsibility to help kids and teenagers to see God (14:00)

If you want to help a kid know God better, get to know the kid better (16:40)

Terry Scalzitti (17:55)

What are the essential traits of a Small Group Leader? (19:30)

Help your volunteers believe in themselves (20:10)

What if a potential SGL isn’t the right fit? (23:30)

Five big ideas for SGLs (27:00)

The parallels between kid groups, adult groups, suburban groups, and urban youth groups (33:35)

Why is leading small so important? And what does it mean for the person who’s never heard about it (41:00)

How do you help your church transition to lead small thinking? (47:45)

What should you consider before becoming a SGL? (50:25)

How do you get your Senior Pastor on board? (56:45)