As ministry leaders, our lives are filled to the brim with people, events and the important work of advancing the Kingdom of God. It’s rewarding but difficult work. When we get home and find ourselves exhausted, we might ask: does work-life balance in ministry exist?

On today’s episode of the Think Orange Podcast, we’ll hear first from Carey Nieuwhof who has a perspective on balance that will challenge everything you’ve heard before. Then, Dave and Ashley talk with Frank Bealer about staying dialed-in to your passion. Lastly, we’ll hear from Doug Fields as he talks on the church’s celebration of busyness.

Welcome to Episode 007 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

We have a lot more responsibility than we do capacity (8:15)

Abandon balance as your goal (8:55)

Enjoy your life more: Pursue passion (10:30)

Interview with Frank Bealer (10:30)

How do we stay dialed-in to our passion? (13:13)

Practical ways to keep yourself tuned into your passion (14:05)

How do we manage our schedule when we’re not in control of it (15:25)

How do you deal with the guilt of not being able to do it all? (18:40)

Doug Field’s on the church’s celebration of busyness (21:20)

There’s a price to pay for busyness and its seep (28:40)

Dave, Ashley and Frank are back to talk about the effects of busyness (30:35)

What can we do right now in the midst of chaos? (32:50)

Audience Question: As a single person in ministry, how can I be enforcing boundaries (39:32)