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What is Really Sacred?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday September 2, 2014
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A lot of unnecessary rifts exist because well-intentioned leaders make the wrong things sacred (communication styles, worship, service times, technology, architecture). All of those things should be redefined based on how well they highlight what is timeless. We should constantly be changing certain things for the sake of what is timeless.

Our message is timeless, but how we present it can become stale.
Worship is timeless, but our style may not resonate with certain cultures.
Relationships are core to building faith, but how we connect people has to be constantly evaluated.

The creative process in any church is more critical than most realize. If we don’t continue to use our imaginations to create fresh and new ways to do ministry, we will ultimately sabotage what is timeless.

It’s not the churches that are innovative that threaten what is sacred; it’s the churches that aren’t.

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