Episode Description: What do we want kids and teenagers to walk away from our program and understand? And, how do we create a messaging strategy that helps the next generation develop an everyday faith built on what Jesus said matters most? In this episode, Orange CEO Reggie Joiner explains what a scope and cycle is and why it’s important to build a messaging strategy that repeats core truths at every phase. Then, we talk with the Orange Curriculum directors for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school about the new 2022 -2023 Scope and Cycles and how they use it to engage kids and students with important truth at each life stage. 

Episode Recap:

  • Repeat core themes, but package them differently to keep them interesting (0:40)
  • Scope + Cycle: What are your teaching priorities, and when will you recycle them? (3:35)
  • When you recycle what matters, the message gets louder (5:30)
  • Refining your message allows you to say less for more impact (9:08)
  • People need to see a diverse range of communicators sharing about faith (13:42)
  • Make sure you’re connecting everyday faith to everyday character (17:16)
  • Lead your messaging strategy, but don’t write your own curriculum from scratch (21:20)
  • Brittany Robertson explains why preschool curriculum is so important (25:01)
  • Dan Scott shares the strong foundation we can lay for elementary schoolers (29:32)
  • Ashley Bohinc explains how we can help middle schoolers navigate big changes (33:30)
  • Leslie Mack describes how high schoolers can influence culture for good (37:57)