Episode Description: Many of us tend to run away from tension because we don’t want to offend or cause conflict. But when we acknowledge tension and come together anyway, we demonstrate just how big and powerful God really is. In this episode, Orange Founder Reggie Joiner and President Kristen Ivy explain why it’s so important to shift from an “either, or” to an “and” mindset. They also share practical steps you can take to engage with students, their parents, and ministry partners in different generations, even when you disagree.

Episode Recap:

  • No matter where we look, tension is all around us (0:39)
  • We tend to gravitate toward “either, or,” but there is an “and” (1:56)
  • If we only surround ourselves with people who agree with us, we’re never really demonstrating Christ’s love (6:42)
  • God is bigger than our specific viewpoint (9:05)
  • Our job is not to convince kids to believe, it’s to equip them to own their faith (13:21)
  • Coming together even when we don’t agree makes God bigger (16:11)
  • The Church will still be here tomorrow (19:36)
  • We have so much to learn from people in different generations (25:07)
  • Parents care a lot about what we’re teaching their kids (34:00)
  • How Orange Tour can help you live in the tension (35:50)