Episode Description: What are some of the key mindsets and approaches to ministry that we need to rethink in order to better serve our students? In this episode, we share an episode from the “Rethinking Youth Ministry” podcast with Reggie Joiner and Crystal Chiang. Reggie unpacks seven areas he wants to rethink, including our approach to engaging parents, the way we measure success, and the importance of maintaining relationships after high school. 

Episode Recap:

  • This week we’re sharing an episode of the Rethinking Youth Ministry podcast (0:07)
  • Rearrange youth ministry to transition beyond 12th grade (2:43)
  • Rediscover the potential of middle school ministry (13:47)
  • Reevaluate how success is measured for 11th and 12th grade groups (16:24)
  • Re-engage parents weekly, monthly, and yearly (20:36)
  • Reestablish service as a priority for discipleship (27:51)
  • Recycle content around what really matters most (36:57)
  • Rebuild a leadership base that reflects diversity (43:27)
  • These shifts aren’t easy, but they are important (51:45)