Episode Description: What makes the good news so good, and how can we share the Gospel in a way that connects with more people? Today, Orange President Kristen Ivy shares five different worldviews that shape how people view the Gospel. She also explains how you can communicate the good news in a way that resonates with each of these worldviews.


Episode Recap:

  • Have you ever wondered if the gospel matters? (1:17)
  • The good news is good news for everyone, but from 5 different perspectives (3:58)
  • Worldview 1: Separation and reunion – Jesus leads us home (6:08)
  • Worldview 2: Conflict and vindication – Jesus is a liberator (8:10)
  • Worldview 3: Emptiness and fulfillment – Jesus makes us complete (10:16)
  • Worldview 4: Condemnation and forgiveness – Jesus pays our debts (12:15)
  • Worldview 5: Suffering and endurance – Jesus knows our pain (14:12)
  • If you want to give someone hope, understand the question they’re asking (16:13)