Episode Description: One of our jobs as leaders is to understand and have empathy for the parents in our communities. In this episode, Keturah Boston of The Potter’s House talks with Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy about what it looks like to partner with parents—both inside and outside the walls of your church—and to lead with empathy.

Episode Recap:

  • As leaders, it’s our responsibility to understand parents. (1:01)
  • Why is empathy so important? (2:05)
  • We shouldn’t only focus on parents who attend our church. (4:17)
  • We see a different side of the student than parents see. (7:27)
  • It’s impossible to understand a parent’s experience unless we talk to them. (11:33)
  • Be intentional about reaching out to the people you don’t already know. (13:17)