Episode Description: The past few years have presented enormous leadership challenges, and the reality is that work today is radically different than it once was. In this episode, Orange President Kristen Ivy and Students Director of Church Engagement Trey McKnight share their best strategies for continuing to lead well in the midst of these changes. They tackle several common leadership challenges, including underperforming team members, miscommunications, and eager new employees, and they challenge leaders to focus on building a healthy culture, beyond just a strong mission.

Episode Recap:

  • Even before COVID, work was starting to change (1:34)
  • Just because a group shares a mission doesn’t mean your culture is healthy (4:30)
  • How to handle team members underperforming or leaving their jobs (6:12)
  • You can build a positive culture while still acknowledging that we’re not perfect (14:35)
  • Clarity is kindness; lack of clarity is cruelty (18:48)
  • Change is possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight (21:59)
  • Building a diverse team allows you to do more and reach more people (25:44)