Episode Description: If you want your students to build a faith that lasts, you need to engage them with opportunities to serve and love their neighbors. In this episode, Orange CEO Reggie Joiner and Orange Specialist Charlie Conder talk about what it might look like to reimagine discipleship so that students can develop a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. They also share practical examples of times when they’ve seen students get excited about serving the people around them, whether it’s online, at home, or in their schools.

Episode Recap:

  • Discipleship is a process, and that process requires strategy (0:37)
  • We have disconnected making disciples from loving our neighbors (4:10)
  • Beyond the church serving, we need to serve with our families and as individuals (6:53)
  • Serving allows students to experience identity, belonging, and purpose (10:23)
  • No sermon or event will impact students more than making service a priority (17:45)
  • How to use cell phones for discipleship (20:31)
  • We need to reimagine the reasons why we’re inviting students to serve (24:25)