Episode Description:

To be human is to long for home. No matter what your experience with home is, we all have an emotional connection to the idea of home. In this episode, we share a session from Orange Conference 2022, where Orange President Kristen Ivy talks about the Church’s responsibility to serve as a temporary home between Eden and eternity, and unpacks what that looks like so that we can create ministries that feel like home for the next generation.

Episode Recap:

  • Home is part of God’s design (1:18)
  • We all long for home, and nothing we’ve experienced can quite fill that desire (4:54)
  • Every church and every home is messy, but there’s also beauty (9:03)
  • Eden was the perfect home, and we’ve been missing it ever since (11:11)
  • Scripture shows us the human longing for home (13:18)
  • Jesus promises us a place in His home (16:49)
  • The Church is called to provide a home between Eden and eternity (18:54)