Title: 5 Questions Every Leader Needs to Know


Episode Description: The story of Zacchaeus shows us that transformation happens when people feel known and seen. In this episode, we share a session from Orange Conference 2019, where Reggie Joiner talked through the important discipleship lessons that Jesus models in his interaction with Zacchaeus. He also explained how knowing the answers to five key questions about a kid can change their life and help them to believe in their own potential.


Episode Recap:

  • Everybody needs somebody to see them like Jesus does (0:55)
  • Salvation isn’t just about heaven, it happens in the here and now (6:30) 
  • Zacchaeus had lost identity and purpose, and Jesus called him by name (8:54) 
  • Discipleship often looks like entering into someone else’s everyday context (10:55)
  • When leaders can answer these 5 questions about every kid, it will change lives (18:21)
    • 1. Do you know my name? (19:25)
    • 2. Do you know what matters to me? (20:15)
    • 3. Do you know where I live? (21:15)
    • 4. Do you know what I’ve done? (22:10)  
    • 5. What can I do? (23:37)
  • We fall short of the glory of God, but we’re part of the way there (26:06)
  • To believe in Jesus is to believe that anyone can change (31:00)