Episode Description: When we as leaders can admit that we don’t have it all together, we can connect more authentically with the people around us. In this episode, author, speaker and coach Ryan Leak joins Reggie Joiner to talk about the importance of being open about our authentic, human selves, especially in the Church. He also talks about his experience with starting to talk about his failures, and he shares some valuable advice for leaders who are overwhelmed, exhausted, or feel like giving up on ministry.

Episode Recap:

  • To be human is to be fully, authentically ourselves (1:22)
  • People connect with you when you stop pretending to have it all together (3:32)
  • It’s more important than ever for the Church to be more human (8:28)
  • We forget that the Bible is largely a story about humans (11:54)
  • When you admit your failures, people realize you don’t have an agenda (14:56)
  • If you’re feeling burned out, think about the long haul (18:19)