Title: Dani Coke: Empathy, Art, and Communicating to Humans

Episode Description: There are two things that have potentially never been more important to our world: empathy and the ability to communicate and have conversations about difficult topics. Art can both inspire empathy and break down walls.  In this episode, illustrator, entrepreneur and advocate Dani Coke joins Kristen Ivy to talk about how she has seen art help us be more human and have better conversations about things that matter.

Episode Recap:

  • Humanity cannot be separated from collective responsibility (3:52)
  • Illustration can make difficult ideas more approachable (6:22)
  • As creatives, we need to remember that we’re not meant to be productivity machines (13:17)
  • The church is far from perfect, but it’s still important (18:58)
  • People leaving a church that has hurt them need community more than ever (21:30)
  • When we discover the love of Jesus, our love for humanity grows (23:24)
  • Church leaders need empathy and compassion (25:30)