What does it mean to be human? It’s a question that artists have wrestled with for centuries, and as Christians, it’s a foundational part of our story. In this episode, Danielle Strickland joins Kristen Ivy to dive into this question, which is also the theme of Orange Conference 2022. Kristen and Danielle talk about how Jesus’ life can help us understand our own humanity, and how that helps the church be more unified when other issues may keep us apart.


Episode Recap:

  • There’s a desire in our culture to understand what it means to be human (1:35)
  • How does the church wrestle with the question of what it means to be human? (5:59)
  • Christ represents what humans are called to be (10:54)
  • Where do you find hope for humanity? (14:08)
  • Part of being human is needing each other (19:25)