The mission of the church is timeless and will never change. The church exists to show the world who God is. But, if we aren’t willing to make some changes in our churches and our ministries we will actually lose influence, trust, and relevance, so we won’t accomplish our mission. That’s why it’s important to redesign our ministries to last. Listen to The Think Orange Podcast with Reggie Joiner as he unpacks what that means and why your strategy matters.

Timestamps from Episode:

“It is ultimately your strategy, not your mission, that determines your success.” (1:16)

“These five things — leadership, messaging, parents, a community, and service — become the things that we want to continue to improve so that we are strategic about how we make sure a generation understands and sees God through those filters.” (3:31)

“What do you think it looks like for churches to redesign the way that they do ministry in light of the pandemic and in light of whatever the future church might look like?” (5:37)

“The average church has about 40 hours a year with a kid who shows up consistently. The average parent has about 3,000 hours a year. So, a parent, by default, will have more influence than the church with a kid or teenager.” (9:17)

“You’ll never be able to build something that lasts if you’re not willing to change what you build.” (10:37)

“When you actually zero in on the positive sides of what the church exists to do, and the light of the mission that Jesus gave us, and when we’re acting like Jesus, and we’re following Jesus, it is the most beautiful, most powerful thing on the planet.” (14:47)

“At the end of the day, the church is the light, the church is the salt, the church exists to give good news and hope to a generation who needs to know that they’re not alone, and that God cares and loves them unconditionally.” (17:14)


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