If we want to have a lasting influence on the everyday faith of kids and teenagers we need to engage the people who have the most influence in their lives: parents.

We think one of the best ways to do that is through connect with them digitally. Listen as Kristen Ivy talks about what is new to the Parent Cue App that can help you better engage parents in order to support families in your community. And go to ParentCueApp.Church to try customizing the Parent Cue App for free.


Timestamps from Episode:

If you want to have an impact in the life of a kid, if you want to influence their everyday faith for the future, you really need more than just your own influence, you need influence with the entire family unit. (2:06)

If there was one question that we all heard over and over and over again, it was, “How do we engage families?” (5:27)

One thing we all know is, it didn’t take a pandemic for families to stop coming to church. (8:52)

How do we help families win at home, and disciple their kids, and continue to have faith conversations, when they aren’t coming to church? (9:28)

[Parent Cue] is every church’s family ministry app, ready-made for them. (10:48)

We’re building the platform so the ministry leaders can focus on the connection. (13:20)

The way that we talk about God, the way that we talk about faith, needs to be informed not only theologically, but also developmentally so that we can connect with the heart of a kid. (17:47)

The most exciting thing right now is, there isn’t a model yet, but we’re all trying. We’re all trying something we’ve never tried before, we have permission to create, we have permission to fail. (22:59)