Parenthood is a constantly changing landscape. The second you think you have your kid figured out, something changes—they grow up a little more. And when things get hard, the go-to phrase is, “It’s just a phase.” But what if the phases kids and students experience in the first 18 years of life are the church’s greatest opportunities to shape the heart of the next generation?

In this episode, we hear from Reggie Joiner with three reasons why we sometimes as parents and leaders, can “miss it.” Then Kristen Ivy shares why every phase matters and gives practical advice for helping kids and students answer they’re asking in every phase.

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

Dave talks about his trip to Israel (1:21)

Dave and Ashley introduce the idea of Phases (3:15)

Dave makes a really bad Star Trek joke (4:12)

Introducing the Phase Guides (4:36)

Reggie Joiner tells a story from when his youngest daughter was in sixth grade (7:32)

Reggie talks about the concept of “Don’t Miss It” (13:23)

The first reason we miss it: We don’t see what we don’t see (14:11)

Reggie gives real-life examples of kids in different Phases (15:30)

We need a common language as leaders to help us understand why each Phase is unique (23:23)

The second reason we miss it: We don’t remember what we don’t remember (23:45)

Every kid is made in the image of God (24:49)

How Jesus reminded the disciples that children are made in the image of God (27:40)

The incredible potential God has created in every kid (29:29)

How people like Bill Nye and J.K. Rowling can teach us how to foster a love for the things of God because, whether they recognize it or not, they’re made in the image of God (33:38)

The third reason we miss it: We don’t anticipate what we don’t anticipate (36:56)

As leaders, we’re responsible to help parents and mentors see what’s coming next in kids’ lives (38:03)

Dave transitions from Reggie’s talk to an interview with Kristen Ivy (40:54)

Every phase in a kid’s life is a time frame that you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future Kristen unpacks the idea behind Phases (41:30)

How to navigate phases that aren’t as enjoyable as others (43:47)

Practical advice for parents who are currently in a phase that feels difficult (46:08)

13 questions that are asked throughout the phases of a kids’ life (49:08)

Counselors, educators, and other professionals involved in influencing the Phase Project (58:02)

Thinking in phases changes the way we do ministry (1:00:03)

Explanation of life mapping (Phase timelines) and the importance of aligning your message and strategy throughout the first 18 years (1:01:50)

The phases we see as the easiest are the ones we should pay attention to the most (1:08:28)

How the Parent Cue app can help parents lean into parenting their child in the phase they’re in (1:09:31)

Introducing the Phase Guides, 18 new books to help parents navigate each year of a kid’s life (1:11:30)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (1:17:02)