Can kids and teens ever become the church if they only ever attend church? What if the way we do church is stunting the faith of a generation? How can we leverage service opportunities to impact lifelong faith?

These are huge—but important—questions and conversations that parents and church leaders need to start having at home and in our ministries. On today’s episode of the Think Orange Podcast, we’ll hear from Reggie Joiner on why experiencing service matters for the next generation. Then, we have a fantastic conversation with Kara Powell on how to practically implement a culture of service with your kids and teens.

Welcome to Episode 006 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

Reggie on strategy and mission (3:15)

The way we do church can stunt the faith of a generation (6:53)

We need to measure our ministry in a different way (9:40)

What changes when we measure our ministry by service (10:25)

Kids are choosing a better story (14:00)

Why a generation is walking away from church (18:18)

Interview with Kara Powell (19:40)

How to get your senior pastor on board with measuring service (21:43)

Why isn’t service sticking? (26:00)

The before, during and after of mission trips and service (27:39)

The practical aspects of before, during and after (30:00)

Conversations and questions for leaders to guide conversations about service (35:16)