How do you impact a child’s life and faith forever? Give them a caring leader and a predictable and safe community where they can grow spiritually.

On today’s episode of the podcast, Reggie Joiner tells us why having two combined influences in the life of a child is the best way to impact their lifelong faith. Then, we’re joined by Tom Shefchunas as he talks about practical ways for Small Group Leaders to leverage influence and build relationships with their few.

Welcome to Episode 005 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

Reggie talks about what community means (2:00)

What makes someone grow spiritually? (6:13)

When you elevate community, you do something the community isn’t doing (8:00)

Speak the truth in love (16:00)

Ashley Interviews Tom Shefchunas (16:20)

Tom’s definition of a Small Group Leader (17:10)

Teenagers walking away from faith: the real tension all churches feel (19:00)

Five big ideas for SGLs (20:10)

Be the adult you want your child to be one day (23:25)

How do you get someone to commit for an entire season? (27:17)

Dave shares available resources (36:45)