It’s the goal of every ministry leader to help kids and teenagers have a relationship with Jesus. But if you want students to hear more truth, then change the way you present it.

On today’s episode of the podcast, Reggie Joiner shares an essential of thinking Orange – Refine the Message. Then, Kristin Ivy and Dan Scott join Dave for a candid and powerful conversation discussing what to communicate, how to communicate and when to communicate. How you present the Gospel and scripture have the power to change a child’s life forever.

Welcome to Episode 004 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

(02:18) Reggie explains what it means to refine the message

(09:30) The truth and tension of scripture

(19:23) Reggie’s personal story on why relevance matters

(24:40) Dave’s Interview with Kristin Ivy and Dan Scott

(25:35) Prioritizing the 40 hours a year you have with kids and teenagers

(27:19) What’s the most important message to tell kids?

(30:08) How do you decide what’s applicable for what stage of life?

(35:12) What it means to say less, more often

(40:17) Helping kids work through questions and doubts

(46:35) How busy leaders make the mental space needed to get creative with their presentations

(51:10) Listener Question: How to get your Senior Pastor on board for refining the message?