What’s New at Orange Conference 2022
Orange Leaders
October 12, 2021

After the last couple years and throughout the pandemic, our churches are facing challenges we've never seen before. That's why we know your ministries need an Orange Conference like you've never seen before. Check out what's new at Orange Conference 2022 and how your ministry can learn what it means to be human again.

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The past couple of years have been a wild ride for us ministry leaders.


We’ve had to cope with new safety protocols.

Online church.

Canceled events.

Restructuring of kid’s programming.

Political tension.

Racial injustice.

Digital school and work.



. . . All while trying to engage kids and volunteers in our ministries.


The ride hasn’t been easy. The year hasn’t been easy.

We know you as ministry leaders need renewed inspiration.


That’s why we’ve planned Orange Conference 2022 like you’ve never seen before. One that will send you back to your ministry inspired to lead your kids and volunteers with practical ministry solutions.


What’s New This Year at Orange Conference


David Crowder Concert with Jonathan McReynolds

What better way to end an incredible day of learning and networking than jamming out to some of Christian music’s biggest names? Included in your Orange Conference 2022 ticket is a concert with Crowder and Grammy-award-winning gospel musician Jonathan McReynolds!


New Breakout Structure for OC 2022

Breakouts will be hosted in three different venues, each one offering a suite of specialized breakouts for your area of ministry. Imagine an entire day learning about new ideas and practical solutions from innovative thought leaders—surrounded by other ministry leaders who do what you do.

Here are just a few of the dozens of breakout sessions to choose from:



  • How to Build a Resilient Kind of Faith in Kids
  • How to Do Virtual Ministry with Small Humans
  • How to Give the Pandemic Generation Confidence That Lasts



  • How to Help Teenagers Develop an Everyday Faith
  • What Gen Z Wants Us to Know About How to Be Human
  • How to Heal the Anxiety and Despair Crisis in Teenagers



  • How to Engage Families Who Have Disengaged
  • The New Hybrid Model of Family Ministry
  • How to Recruit and Retain the Best Volunteers
  • Creating a Culture of Racial Justice in Your Ministries


When you come to Orange Conference 2022, you’ll get to explore what it would look like if leaders who work with the next generation became the kind of humans God designed them to be. You surely do not want to miss it!

Buy your ticket today at theorangeconference.com!