The Orange Strategy Roadmap
Orange Leaders
September 14, 2021

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If you’ve taken the Family Ministry Assessment, you’re probably ready to get to work and, like many leaders, you want to go at your own pace. OR, you’d rather drink from a firehose instead of a water fountain. Either way, if you fall into either of these categories, this roadmap is for you – let’s get started!

Since you already have your Family Ministry Assessment results, you know where you stand with the five values.  We highly recommend starting on your lowest value first. To get started, just find the category you scored lowest and follow the steps!

When you get your team on the same page, you will have a different kind of impact. 

Align Leaders With Common Strategy and Language
How to Create a Leadership Structure that Lasts
A New Kind of Leader: What You Believe Can Open a Door for a Kid or Teenager's Future

What you said last year might need to be said differently this year. 

Refine The Message To Say What Matters Most
How to Implement a Wholistic Approach to Ministry
It's Just a Phase - So Don't Miss It: Why Every Life Stage of a Kid Matters and at Least 13 Things Your Church Should Do About It
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When you organize around relationships, you give a kid a sense of belonging, and another adult who cares about them. 

Elevate Community to Give Kids a Caring Leader
What is a small group leader?
Lead Small: Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know
When Relationships Matter: Make Your Church A Place Where Kids & Teenagers Belong

When you engage parents, you exponentially multiply your influence. 

Engage Every Parent To Have Positive Spiritual Influence
Parent Cue App
Don't Miss It: Parent Like Every Week Counts

So they discover what it looks like to be the church while they are at your church. 

Create Opportunities to Experience Personal Ministry
Think Orange (Chapter 7)