Here to Play
Reggie Joiner
November 24, 2020

Be honest, all of us have wrestled with the question:  “Why am I here?”

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In times like this we tend to ask WHY a lot.

Why can we only have pumpkin spice lattes in the fall?
Why are there only two choices for president?
Why isn’t there unbiased, objective news?
Why do Zoom calls always freeze?

It’s normal to ask why.

Be honest, all of us have wrestled with the question:
“Why am I here?”

Your ability to wonder “why” actually separates
you from the rest of the created world.

Lions and tigers and bears
don’t ask “why,” unless they live in Oz.

But humans have a persistent drive to
uncover their sense of identity
and purpose. 

Have you ever stopped to ask why you ask why?

It makes sense, actually.

Since God created you for a reason,
He is smart enough to design you to
that reason.

It’s God’s way to keep you believing there’s something more.

So, back to the question:
“Why am I here?”

What word would you use to complete this sentence . . .
“I am here to ______ .”

There’s probably a list that comes to mind . . .
I am here to . . .

The point is, you and I were designed in the image of a
Creator to show up and engage with each other.

What if, at the risk of oversimplifying our existence, we summarize the answer to the question, “why am I here?” with this simple statement:

“I’m here to play.”

There’s a big idea packed into this small phrase.

It starts with the word “here,” which implies that we put a high value on being present.

Then there’s the conjunction “to,” which connects the idea of showing up to do something.

If I am “here to play” it simply means,
“I have decided to engage with others and enjoy life the way God intended.”

2,000 years ago, that’s exactly what Jesus did.
He showed up and engaged with humanity,
so we could understand what it means to really live. 

There’s never been a more important time for us to do the same.

We think there’s a generation watching and waiting to see if we’re really . . .
“here to play.”

To see more on the concept of “here to play,” as well as a video to share with your volunteers, check out