How to Win in Ministry When You’re Feeling Stuck
Johnathan Baldwin
June 3, 2020

Winning is important to us. Yet, maybe you are like me and you get to a place where you start to feel the wins are too far apart. Or maybe you aren't winning enough. Or, you don't feel like you are really winning at all.

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You walked into ministry to do ministry well. Right? 

It doesn’t matter if you are on staff, bi-vocational or a volunteer. It doesn’t matter if you are at a huge church or a small church. You walked into ministry wide-eyed with huge dreams of changing the world. 

You want to WIN. We all do.

Winning in ministry

Winning is important to us. Yet, maybe you are like me and you get to a place where you start to feel the wins are too far apart. Or maybe you aren’t winning enough. Or, you don’t feel like you are really winning at all.

Somewhere along the way you start asking yourself questions like these…

  • But how do I win? 
  • How can I win with a tiny budget? 
  • How can I win when I’m the only one on staff?
  • How can I win when I’m honestly not sure how I even got here?
  • How can I win when it seems like we aren’t growing? 

The daily grind, the office work, the preparation, and the build up to maintain day-to-day ministry is exhausting. At every role and season of ministry we can feel under-resourced and a little lost on the journey of leading well.

Feeling stuck

“I want to win as a leader, I just wish I had an improved plan and a bigger team.”

This very thought hit my mind a few years ago. I had started a new role at a new church in a new place with a new wife (my first and only wife, but new for me). I was stuck and exhausted. 

I was leading children’s ministry, student ministry, and adult guest services. I had great volunteer teams led by great volunteer directors that I’d developed. 

We were winning, but we were growing faster than I could keep up with. I wanted to hire: 

  • a graphic designer
  • an events coordinator
  • a groups director
  • a social media director
  • Oh, and a personal assistant to keep up with my calendar and the mountains of paperwork on my desk. 

But that wasn’t going to happen.

There was not, nor would there ever be, a budget to hire enough people to help our team keep winning in the middle of this chaotic season.

I needed help. I needed a team to help me lead my teams. I needed a team to help me WIN.

Enter Weekly

One day I stumbled upon Weekly while buying a First Look Wonder subscription (which I also highly recommend). I’ll be honest, at first Weekly sounded too good to be true. 

The Lead Small App had already proven to be an exceptional resource in my experience so I figured I would give Weekly at chance, too. Honestly, I first subscribed to Weekly because I thought it would keep me from using our awful printer all the time and our group leaders would have it all on their phones. Plus, who doesn’t like cool apps?!

It will forever be one of those game changing moments for me as a ministry leader.

You see, when I purchased Weekly, I realized it was way more than just the lead small app. 

I won more with:

  • A weekly plan, including graphics for social media, I never could have created on my own
  • Weekly resources to execute parent meetings, coffee chats, and events
  • Weekly reminders to help me stay focused on our ministry goals
  • A Weekly strategy to regularly invest in both small group leaders and parents
  • Complete access to video coaching, from the best in the business, through the exclusives and focus topics for me and my team (this was more helpful than college)!
  • Job descriptions, forms for anything and everything, I could ever need to lead teams to win

How Weekly helped me win

Weekly helped multiply my leadership efforts, as well as, efficiently implement and execute the Orange strategy and curriculum. It renewed my perspective of the daily grind of ministry. I had a weekly plan to help me focus on what was most important to the health of our ministry. 

Most importantly, I had a plan to regularly connect with and invest in parents and small group leaders. I knew that even though I didn’t have a staff team of 20 in our building with me, I had an even bigger staff working hard at Orange with Weekly setting my team up to WIN!

If you want to win weekly, you need a strategy, resources, and a team.  

You get that with Weekly. Go get it. You’ll be glad you did.