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4 Reasons Why The MVP Box Volunteer Kickoff Event is Indispensable

Todd Graham
Todd Graham Monday May 4, 2020
<? echo $type; ?> 4 Reasons Why The MVP Box Volunteer Kickoff Event is Indispensable

Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan of the MVP Box, especially the leader components like the Volunteer Kickoff event.

While there are a plethora of reasons that I’m such a fan, the main reason is that I’m only one person. I don’t have the convenience of a staff writer, graphic arts designer, event planner, marketing developer, or volunteer trainer at my disposal.

You can imagine the elation of opening up one volunteer kickoff folder to find that all of these resources are already prepared and ready to go! It’s enough to make a family pastor shed a joyful tear of happiness.

If you’re in charge of volunteer leaders at your church, you know that your initial kick off is absolutely crucial if you are going to have a manageable year. You also know if you can start off strong, your chances of having an amazing season go up exponentially.

The Volunteer Kickoff from the MVP Box is so much more than an event. Here are my top four reasons why the MVP Volunteer Kickoff is indispensable.

1. Marketing and promotions

Nothing will get your new season started off right like enthusiastic anticipation. The marketing and promotions folder in the Volunteer Kickoff is full of hi-res graphic pieces that will both get your current volunteers revved up for the new year and make other people wonder what awesomeness they’re missing by not serving in your ministry.

Every promotional item you can think of is incorporated: including logos, print pieces (bulletins, posters, flyers, postcards), tons of social media posts, and even fully prepared email templates. All you have to do is add your date and location and put it on the calendar!

2. The main program

The point of the Volunteer Kickoff is to get your volunteers excited, educated, and equipped for a remarkable year ahead. This is your time to shine. And the Volunteer Kickoff has everything you need to pull off a full-scale, amazing event regardless of your church size.

The main program resources include the host and main communicator scripts, as well as all of the screen graphics to go along with it.

Once you finish with the main stage segment of your event, there are four different age appropriate Breakout Outlines so you can divide your volunteers up into their respective groups for specific training. This is where you dispense the tools to turn average volunteers into superstars—because this section provides everything you need to know to be a truly amazing small group leader.

This event doesn’t just set up volunteers for your new church year. It empowers your leaders to be top tier leaders from day one. I like to think of it as the day we craft our dream team.

3. Next step resources

The Kickoff is your crucial starting point for the year, but we both know that you can’t stop there.

The Volunteer Kickoff files include tools for ongoing leadership training and support. The included Volunteer Handbook is a condensed and powerful tool to focus your volunteers on the why’s and how’s of effectively leading their group.

As the leader, this will give you talking points to focus on throughout the year that your volunteers are now familiar with from your training event. It includes editable policies, procedures, a volunteer covenant agreement to help keep them on track, and an FAQ section addressing common questions that volunteers have.

Basically, this is everything you wish your leaders knew about how to lead well. This section of the Volunteer Kickoff event should be entitled “that thing you know you need to write out but never really got around to it.”

4. Common language

Maybe the greatest thing that comes from using the Volunteer Kickoff (other than looking like you are a totally talented and put together leader) is that it gives your area of ministry a common language and objectives for the year.

This is the tool that gets everyone going in the same direction, with the same end goal in mind. Your job as an effective leader just got remarkably easier. You’re now capable of running things with the clarity and vision that you presented at your fall Volunteer Kickoff.

A game changer for ministry

Before I got the Volunteer Kickoff event from the MVP box, I used to spend two months prepping, writing, and working to get an honestly average training day going for the volunteers at my church.

Using this resource may be the biggest game changer in my ministry area. I suddenly look like a pro, my volunteers are better equipped, and the trickle down economics of great training means that the kids and families at my church have a much better year ahead as their church is better able to partner with the home!

That’s the power of an effective Volunteer Kickoff event for your ministry, which is exactly what the MVP Box gives to you.

Todd Graham is the family pastor at West Cobb Church in Atlanta, Ga. Todd and his wife, Trina, have three children.