Your MVP in Ministry this Year
Afton Phillips
April 29, 2020

But the MVP in this case stands for Messaging to Volunteers and Parents. Because that’s our real goal at each Orange Conference—helping you to better communicate with volunteers and parents. Because they’re the ones who most directly influence the next generation.

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Every year, we share a lot of big ideas at the Orange Conference and the Orange Tour. It’s always a great mix of inspirational and practical. Which is likely why for years church leaders asked us how we could re-package the experience for them to take back to their church.

Not every church can bring their volunteers to experience the Orange Conference. And none of them can bring their entire congregation along, too. But the messages shared are still valuable ones for them to hear.

So we started thinking of how to solve this challenge. And at the 2018 Orange Conference, we unveiled our answer: the MVP Box.

What is the MVP Box?

It’s tempting to think of the MVP Box as the most valuable player. Because that’s usually what MVP stands for. (And because that’s what the MVP Box may just secretly be.)

But the MVP in this case stands for Messaging to Volunteers and Parents. Because that’s our real goal at each Orange Conference—helping you to better communicate with volunteers and parents. Because they’re the ones who most directly influence the next generation.

The MVP Box is your church’s annual messaging and events strategy for volunteers and parents. Since 2018, we’ve launched a new MVP Box each year at the Orange Conference. In fact, each new MVP Box aligns with that year’s conference theme.

So what comes in the box?

What’s in the MVP Box?

Remember, the original goal of the MVP Box was to package up all the ideas, fun, and strategy experienced at the Orange Conference and allow church leaders to take it home with them.

Practically, we communicate these ideas, fun, and strategy through a series of six annual events—three focused around parents, and three focused around volunteers. They are:

  • Family Series
  • Open House
  • In House
  • Recruitment Sunday
  • Volunteer Kickoff
  • Volunteer Celebration

All six of these events work together to create a cohesive and consistent plan for communicating with these two important groups within your church. The name and goal of these six events stay the same each year, but the messaging and ideas will be different.

Within each event, you’ll get:

  • A step-by-step event guide
  • Messaging scripts
  • Videos
  • Fun games to play
  • Promotional materials, including a social media plan
  • All the graphics you’ll need
  • Resources for next steps

All of these resources are digital and can be downloaded from the Orange Store. But if you buy an MVP Box while at the Orange Conference, you’ll also get an actual box, stuffed with goodies. These goodies are samples of the next step items you can buy for the members of your church.

Who is the MVP Box for?

The MVP Box is for anyone who wants to influence the next generation at their church. It’s a resource made for those who want to engage more deeply with parents and volunteers. This is for people who love the Orange strategy or even those who just want to learn more about it.

In short, we believe that the MVP Box is for you.

You might be the senior pastor at your church, or you may just be a family ministry volunteer. Either way, you’re a valuable leader who has the opportunity to impact kids and students. In either case, the MVP Box is a tool you can use to accomplish such a task.

If that is you, we’ve even got an entire Facebook community group just for MVP Box users. This is a space to ask questions, get ideas, and learn how other churches are using this resource in their environment. 

Why is the MVP Box the most valuable player?

Now you know what the MVP Box is and what comes inside. But why is this a must-have for your church? Why could it be the most valuable player for your ministry this year? Here are a few reasons that we can think of.

1. It’s the practical application to a big vision

The Orange Conference is incredible for casting vision for church leaders and helping inspire them to do it. But it’s all too easy to return back home and lose momentum.

The MVP Box is your practical application piece to actually implement the strategy you learned about while at Orange Conference. It helps you take action on that inspiration.

2. It packages the Orange Conference experience for others

If you attend the Orange Conference, you’ll likely walk away informed and inspired. You want other people at your church to feel the same way you do about the importance of family ministry.

The MVP Box provides a way to do that. We’ve packaged up the theme and message of each Orange Conference for you to take home with you. Our goal is to make you look like the hero.

3. It gives your ministry a cohesive and consistent strategy

Some of these six events are ones your church may already be doing every year—like a volunteer celebration. The MVP Box leans into these annual events to give your church consistency.

When your church helps to share a strategic message at six points during the year, people start to remember it. When you do that year over year, they start to help you share it.

How can I get an MVP Box?

If you’re joining us at the upcoming Orange Conference, your best bet is to wait until then to buy a box. We’ll be unveiling the theme there and will have a limited number of awesome boxes on sale for you to take home with you.

If you can’t make it to the conference (or if it’s already passed), you might be able to purchase a digital version from our online store. Because the strategy is built around a series of events, we only sell these for a limited time during the year (usually from April to August). That allows churches to maximize the value of the timing for each event.

No matter how you purchase, you’ll be able to download all of the resources from our site and then start using them at your church. 

Are you ready to become a ministry MVP?