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Orange Partners with Playlister to Make Curriculum Easier to Use

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday April 27, 2020
<? echo $type; ?> Orange Partners with Playlister to Make Curriculum Easier to Use

Orange has always aimed to make technology easy for churches to use. The Orange curriculum was one of the first to offer digital downloads to ministry leaders. Products like Weekly and Orange Apps allow churches to leverage technology for digital communications.

Orange is taking that ease of use to the next level by partnering with Playlister, a software company that provides the first and only instant curriculum solution.

Together, Orange and Playlister will bring Orange’s curriculum and content to life through Playlister’s software. This partnership is a natural progression in our mutual effort to work with skilled creators and to partner with organizations that feature compelling benefits to churches.

“The launch of Orange on Playlister’s solution is a historic moment for our company that marks a new era of innovation,” said Reggie Joiner, Orange’s founder and CEO. 

“Playlister provides an exceptional classroom experience through their cutting edge technology, showcasing Orange’s library of beloved content, teaching material, TV series, and exclusive original content.”

As part of the launch, Playlister has directly integrated with Orange content making it instantly available to customers in the classrooms. With the same ease as creating a playlist on Spotify you can build an Orange playlist on Playlister’s website and send that content to all your TVs via Apple TVs.

Adding a Playlister subscription to your Orange curriculum license makes the content even easier for volunteers to use. Set up is simple and takes less time than it does to brew a coffee.

“Once a customer signs up for Playlister on their computer they can link their Orange store account making all their Orange content available to the TVs at their church,” said Grant Glas, Playlister’s CEO. 

“The Orange partnership allows us to provide curriculum instantly to churches around the globe, no more having to spend countless hours getting your classroom ready for a Sunday. Folks in ministry spend a lot of time getting teaching materials prepared, we make that effort easy.”

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