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The Top 10 Orange Leader Blog Posts of 2019

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Orange Leaders Tuesday December 31, 2019
<? echo $type; ?> The Top 10 Orange Leader Blog Posts of 2019

What kind of year did you have in 2019? Was it great? A disappointment? Somewhere in between?

No matter what kind of year you had, it’s almost over. And we all get another 365 days to do our best in 2020.

But before we get to next year, we wanted to celebrate the top blog posts from Orange Leaders during 2019. We published about 150 different posts during the year and here are the top 10, based on the number of views by readers like you.

  1. Andy Stanley Shares About Clarity, Controversy and Irresistible Faith
  2. Why Does Your Church Need a Communications Plan?
  3. Three Essential Ways To Identify God’s Vision
  4. Orange Conference Breakouts: How do I Decide Which to Attend?
  5. Volunteer Recruiting Made Easy?
  6. For A Strong Team On Sunday, Invest In Them On Monday
  7. True Rest May Look Differently Than You Think
  8. 5 Qualities of an Amazing Small Group Leader
  9. 7 Things There Will Never Be Enough Time For
  10. 3 Easy Ways to Impact a Middle Schooler’s Identity and Faith

Which of these were your favorite posts? What topics do you wish we’d share about in 2020? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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