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ReThink Leadership 2020: An Exclusive Event for Senior Pastors

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday November 11, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to get your senior pastor to a conference, but they were hesitant because the content didn’t apply to them? Are you a senior pastor who is looking for an event specifically for your role? Do you wish there was a better way to align family ministry with church leadership?

You’re not alone, because Orange has heard plenty of stories just like these before. Which is exactly why we created ReThink Leadership. This is an event exclusively for senior pastors and equipping them to lead a vision for reaching the next generation.

ReThink Leadership 2020 Details

In 2020, ReThink Leadership will be held on April 29-May 1—the same time as Orange Conference. This will take place at the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center at 12Stone Church—down the street from the Orange Conference at the Infinite Energy Center.

The 2020 speaker lineup includes:

In addition to delivering all new content focused on the needs and concerns of today’s senior leaders, the highly-anticipated gathering promises something even better—dialogue, access, and connection for all attendees.

Over the past four years, thousands of senior leaders, executive pastors, and campus pastors have experienced the jumpstart that Rethink Leadership brings to leaders and churches. That’s because access to the right information can make all the difference in how a church grows and thrives.

Why Should You Attend ReThink Leadership?

Those charged with leading a faith community are looking for access to: the latest ideas, people with leadership experience, and strategies that can help them be more successful in their roles.

Rethink Leadership brings all of those things together in one place, and more. Plus, the small and personal setting allows for deeper conversations, greater context, and building relationships.

Besides access, attendees find practical information to address the challenges they’re currently facing. This event isn’t about theory; it’s about providing solutions to the issues leaders are dealing with in the present, while casting a vision of what could be.

And, of course, another goal for the conference is to allow leaders the time away to dream, refocus, realign, and have fun.

How Does This Work With Orange Conference?

Not to be overlooked, the other feature that distinguishes Rethink Leadership from any other event is that it intentionally coincides with The Orange Conference, the world’s largest event for entire family ministry teams.

This innovative format allows senior pastors to attend Orange Conference main sessions with their teams, while also having their own separate experience close by.

The time spent together is a significant team-building opportunity, and the time among peers provides senior and executive pastors with the necessary space to explore topics relevant to their distinctive roles.

How Do I Register for the Event?

Registration is now open, and tickets start at $279. Space is limited and the event is expected to sell out. Each ticket also include access to all Orange Conference main sessions.

For more information, please visit RethinkLeadership.com.

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