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4 Reasons Why Orange Conference is for Your Whole Team

Corey Jones
Corey Jones Tuesday October 22, 2019
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You’ve probably seen the stats and know there is a generation walking away from the church. To help change that, your entire church team needs to come together and join in a fresh conversation about what disciple-making looks like in the future of the church.

That’s why the theme of Orange Conference 2020 is ‘Every Generation Needs a New Revolution,’ because we need to find new ways to reach the next generation. This Orange Conference is the opportunity you need to change the faith of a generation.

Perhaps you’ve been to past Orange Conferences before. Or maybe this could be your first time attending. Either way, I truly believe Orange Conference is not something for you to experience alone. It’s an opportunity for your entire church team to grow together.

Here are four reasons why your whole team needs to attend the conference together.

1. Breakouts Designed to Align Your Team

If you’re a preschool ministry leader, you’ll find breakouts designed specifically for preschool ministry. These breakouts teach the same concepts and truths being taught in elementary or high school ministry breakouts. These breakouts are specific to your ministry, but they all align across the board.

Your team can then come together to discuss one general concept while each team member brings their specialized insight. Instead of walking away from a conference with dozens of competing ideas, your team will walk away with the momentum of moving the same direction.

If members of your team don’t attend the conference, they’re missing out on the opportunity to buy into the mission and vision that you’re discovering while at Orange Conference.

2. Lower Costs To Your Church

Four separate rental cars, heading in four different directions, being parked in four different hotel parking lots is hard on any church budget. What if those four (or more) people came together and shared the cost?

Attending a conference as a team is a great way to squeeze every drop out of your ministry budget. It’s a great way to spend your limited resources more effectively. This year, my team is even talking about tailgating lunches to have more time together and save even more money.

3. Apply What You Learn

It’s too easy to listen to a podcast or read a blog post, think about how great the ideas are, and do nothing with the information. The same applies to what you learn at a conference. If you attend alone, you’re less likely to do something with this information.

When your team comes together to share ideas, it creates a layer of accountability to apply what you learn. As you talk about your sessions together you will also find your retention increases.

When more people attend Orange Conference, you increase the likelihood that you’ll apply what you learn once you get back to your church.

4. Align Leaders With a Common Language and Strategy

I love the way Amos 3:3 says, “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” When your team comes together to grow and learn you can walk away heading the same direction.

Your team will begin to measure success using the same yardstick and you will know when your team is winning. And the Orange Conference gives your team an opportunity to pause and learn the best ways to align around a common plan.

If culture is the soul of your organization, the Orange Conference is the soul care your team desires. Sign up now to get the best rate on Orange Conference 2020. My team and I will see your team there!

Corey Jones is the lead children’s pastor of Southern Hills Christian Church in Carrollton, Georgia. In his spare time, you can find him at a local coffee shop or fighting crime in Gotham. Corey wants to encourage and equip those around him and can be found on social media at @CoreyRayJones.