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5 Qualities of an Amazing Small Group Leader

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday September 25, 2019
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by Kendra Fleming

If you’re anything like us, you’ve just spent the summer recruiting and training new small group leaders for the fall. As we interviewed and talked to these leaders there are always a few things that we’re looking for. Here are five qualities I think are most important. If you’ve been doing this for a while, then you know ’em when you see ’em!

1. They care.
I’m not talking about someone who is tenderhearted or hugs a lot. I’m talking about someone who genuinely feels compassion for the kids in their group. Someone who is praying for them, and someone who believes on a personal level that we have a powerful message to share. These leaders want to see their kids grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

You never have to worry about motivating this kind of leader. They get it.

2. They listen.

Kids know when you’re really listening and when you are sincerely interested in what they’re saying. By listening, this leader gives value and understanding to what is going on in the lives of the kids in his group.

Great leaders draw kids out and make sure their group is a safe place to share. Kids have a lot to process these days; they need leaders who are willing to take the time to listen.

3. They prepare.
This leader walks in the door with her heart and her mind ready to help kids understand the bottom line for the day. They already know where we’re going so they can turn all of their focus to the kids.

You and I both know the leader who arrives and picks up the material for the first time is no where near as relational or as engaging as the leader who is prepared to lead.

4. They connect.
Relationships take effort. And the responsibility for reaching out and building that relationship with our kids belongs to the small group leader.

A leader who really makes a difference in the life of a child is a leader who is intentional about calling, writing notes, and talking to each individual child about the things that interest them. Amazing leaders find ways to connect.

5. They are fun!
This might be the most important point! Kids are drawn to a place that is fun. They want to be in a group that is fun.

It’s simple and yet so many of our leaders think that learning and fun can’t possibly go together. The opposite is true. Learning about the God of the universe should be FUN!

What qualities do you look for in a small group leader? What questions or conversations do you have with potential leaders during the interview process to uncover these qualities?

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