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Don’t Miss Lead Small Night

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday June 14, 2019
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By: Steve Cullum

The Orange Conference is an amazing event I look forward to attending every year. I love growing and connecting with other people. I just wish I had the budget to bring my entire team of staff and volunteers with me each time. Orange Tour has filled that void.

If you are in the same situation as me, I want to encourage you to consider attending OT. This one-day event follows the same theme as the conference but condenses it down and brings it much closer to you.

While this alone is great, there is a bonus night you should also attend called Lead Small Night. For a very small price, you can bring your entire team of small group leaders for an evening focused solely on their role in discipling kids and teenagers. Speakers will talk directly about the importance of leading small groups. They will get to hear from seasoned leaders who know the benefit of influencing the next generation through those groups.

At our church, we try to provide regular training for our leaders in various ways, but there is something special about attending Orange Tour. We get to gather the team together for a road-trip, all hear from amazing speakers, allow them to connect with other small group leaders from different churches, and have a ton of fun together. Lead Small Night at Orange Tour has been a great opportunity for just that.

In a way, it is kind of like youth group for your small group leaders. It has been a great time for our volunteers to relax a bit but also learn a ton. And as a youth pastor, it is awesome to have that experience right alongside them. If the Orange Tour comes to a city near you, make sure you take advantage of Lead Small Night with your entire team of small group leaders!

Register your family ministry team, small group leaders, and parents for Lead Small Night! Pay just $12.50 for each event when you register for OT19! (Regular pice: $25). 

Learn more at https://orangetour.org/leadsmallnight/

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