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Unity, Strategy and Orange Tour

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday June 13, 2019
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Unity is vital for any ministry to be successful. Without unity, it’s like taking a cross country trip with a flat tire. There should be unity in vision, mission, and strategy within your ministry.

This past year, multiple changes were made to our student ministry. We shifted a lot of systems and procedures, and shifting systems and procedures can shift the culture in a group. Tensions arose between old and new leaders as we started to lose our clear “why.” When there’s no unity about the why, there can’t be unity about the strategy to get there.

From attending Orange Conference over the years, getting curriculum, books, and even t-shirts, I am bought in on Orange strategy. However, when I left the conference and returned to my team, it became clear that having just one person bought in isn’t enough. We all have to be unified behind our strategy.

This is where Orange Tour came in. It was great to be able to send some of our volunteers and other ministry leaders to OT. They all started to fall in love with the strategy and connecting with families. Ministry leaders began to get the words and thoughts out that they had been feeling for years and volunteers were able to see the “why” behind changes that were sometimes hard to communicate. The car ride home was full of brainstorming new ideas and we left with renewed energy for reaching the kids and families we serve.

Attending Orange Tour united our team. We have real unity now. We are coming from the same reference point, can look to a common strategy and use common language to impact the lives of our students. Our volunteers can see their role as small group leaders as more meaningful and influential than just babysitters. Having our leaders see the value of partnering with parents allows us greater influence in the lives of kids. Being united has allowed our ministry to thrive.

If you are using any aspect of Orange, find the Orange Tour stop closest to you. Send your team to get energized and hear new ideas to impact the next generation. It will most definitely bring your team closer together and unite them in a way that they may never have experienced before.


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