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It’s Personal at OC19—Registration is Now Open!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday October 19, 2018
<? echo $type; ?> It’s Personal at OC19—Registration is Now Open!

When ministry is personal in the right way, it will not only change how your church sees your community, it will change how your community sees your church.

At Orange Conference, not only do we want to talk about why churches that make it personal have a different kind of influence with a generation, we want to invite you to personally join us for a unique three-day experience.

It’s personal when everyone who shows up cares about the faith of every kid.

It’s a powerful experience to be surrounded by other leaders who care about kids like you do. We have discovered that a room of 8,000 people can actually feel like family when it’s personal to everyone.

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It’s personal when everything you do is a step to help every kid grow in their relationship with Jesus.

At OC19, you will be engaged with leaders who embrace a relationally driven model for the church. We use the color orange for a reason. When leaders and parents partner to influence a child, it always makes a greater impact in their personal faith.

So at OC19, we will always add new ways to inspire small group leaders and parents to engage with kids.

It’s personal when every speaker shares a common passion to influence the future of every kid.

Speakers have been carefully selected for OC19 to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience for leaders and volunteers. You will hear from a diverse group of educators, pastors, and professional leaders whose practical insights and experiences will challenge you to improve how to do ministry and grow as a leader.

It’s personal because the communicators who show up every year are part of a global family of leaders who are driven by common values. OC19 is like a family reunion for some of the best voices and leaders who believe in the potential of kids and student ministries to impact the future.

It’s personal.

It always has been.
It’s just sometimes we get so busy in the work we do, we may forget why we do it.

But when we act like it’s personal it changes how we . . .
Say what we say
Spend our budget
Design our programs
Lead our volunteers
Work together as a staff
Prioritize our calendars
Care about our communities

OC19 will be a challenge to start over every week
and remind each other that, “It’s Personal.”

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.