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Strategy Turns Vision Into Reality

Matt Norman
Matt Norman Thursday August 16, 2018
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If you’re a church leader you have, no doubt, heard a LOT about vision. Countless blog posts are written about it. It’s the topic of many sessions in many conferences. There are books written about it. As a church leader, vision is everywhere you look. Truth is, it’s vital, but is it enough?

It’s like weight loss

Okay, I know, what do weight loss and church leadership have to do with one another? Stay with me. For most of my adult life I have struggled with my weight. I work hard, I watch what I eat, and I even experience some success. Still, I fail to reach my goals.

My continued struggle with weight loss isn’t due to lack of vision. I have no problem picturing what I would look like. I can imagine how much better I would feel. I can talk about it. I can tell other people about it. I have a clear and communicable VISION for my weight loss journey and the future self I could become when the vision is fulfilled.

Yet, I still struggle with my weight

You see, having a vision for what I want to look like in the future is VITAL to getting there. But, just being able to picture it, or even being able to tell others about it, isn’t enough. The reason that my vision has failed to become my reality is because I’ve lacked STRATEGY.

Strategy turns vision into reality

If I am truly going to make my vision of a healthier, and thinner, me come true, I have to go beyond vision and develop a strategy. I have to consider the things that I am going to do differently that will get me from where I am to where the vision says I will be in the future.

Church leadership is the same way

It’s the same for us in church leadership. The greatest vision means nothing without a strategy to make it happen. The most inspiring speech about the vision will not take you very far if there is not a strategy for how you are going to move in the direction of that vision.

One more thought

If the fitness thing isn’t working for you, consider this. Vision and strategy are also like GPS. Vision is your destination. It’s where you are going. But, simply knowing where you are going, without the miscellaneous steps to get there will lead to failure. When you enter the destination into your GPS, if provides the steps. THAT is the strategy that is going to get you from here to there.

What now?

So, what do YOU need to do? Here are some questions that might help:

Do you HAVE a vision? Strategy without vision is as weak as vision without strategy. Before you can determine how you are going to get there . . . you have to determine where THERE is.

What’s the FIRST step? You don’t have to know every step that will get you from here to there. In fact, you probably CAN’T know. But, you CAN identify the FIRST step. Name it, then DO it.

What’s the NEXT step? Like I said, you don’t have to know ALL the steps, but you’ll need something to do after the first step is complete. So, figure out the first step and the next, then get it done. AND, always be mindful of what will come after you have completed the current step.

How to keep the momentum? Next steps are great, and important. But, even more important is determining the kinds of things that will KEEP you moving toward the goal. Figure out what they are and be about it.

Vision is vital . . . but is it’s not enough

So, you need to have a vision for where your church, ministry, or business is going. This is important and is something that needs to happen early. But, don’t neglect the strategy that will lead you toward achieving that vision.



Matt Norman Spent 10 years as a children’s pastor. He now serves as the lead pastor/planter of a church in Central Florida, but maintains his passion for family ministry. Matt is married to his high school sweetheart, Kim and has two kids: Trey and Jayden.