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OC18 Live Stream Schedule—Don’t Miss It!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday April 24, 2018
<? echo $type; ?> OC18 Live Stream Schedule—Don’t Miss It!

Nearly 8,000 of you—from churches around the world—will be joining us in Atlanta this week! Many of you are blazing new trails for the ministries in your church, and you’re taking information back to your churches. We wish every single member of your team could join us, but we realize that’s not always possible.

That’s why we’d like to offer your team the next best thing: Watching online. You’ll be able to see on and off-stage action, including select session streaming, speaker interviews, mayhem and hi-jinx, resource debuts and giveaways! Make sure to RSVP—because when you do, you’re entered to win over $5,000 in Go Orange resources!

This schedule is subject to change . . . often. So hang around. We’ll have fun no matter what happens. All times are Eastern.


Dave Adamson & Daniel De Jesus
7:30 PM Opening Keynote Session
Jon Acuff, Reggie Joiner, Danielle Strickland & Joseph Sojourner



8:15 AM Welcome
Dave Adamson & Daniel De Jesus
8:30 AM Morning Keynote Session
Doug Fields, Danielle Strickland, Jimmy Mellado & Andy Stanley
9:45 AM Exclusive Interview
Sherry Surratt
10:00 AM Exclusive Interview
Ted Lowe
10:15 AM Focus on Youth Ministry
Tom Shefchunas, Crystal Chiang & Ashley Bohinc
10:45 AM Breakout: “It’s Just a Phase 101”
Stuart Hall
11:45 AM Focus on Children’s Ministry
Amy Fenton, Dan Scott, Brittany Compton & Sarah Jensen
12:45 PM Exclusive Interview
Heather Zempel
1:15 PM Breakout: “Think Orange 101”
EJ Swanson
* Stick around afterwards for Q&A with EJ at 1:45 PM
2:30 PM Exclusive Interview
Afton Phillips
2:45 PM Q&A – Live tweet your questions to #OC18Live
EJ Swanson
3:00 PM Breakout: “Building a Comprehensive Plan from Birth to College”
Cindy Fiala
* Stick around afterwards for Q&A with Cindy at 4:15 PM
4:15 PM Q&A – Live tweet your questions to #OC18Live
Cindy Fiala
4:30 PM Exclusive Interview
Doug Fields
4:45 PM Breakout: “Overcoming the Four Hurdles of Curriculum Change”
Adam Duckworth



8:15 AM Welcome
Dave Adamson & Daniel De Jesus
9:00 AM Morning Keynote Session
Josh Shipp, Tom Shefchunas & Ryan Leak
Exclusive Interview
Kara Powell & Steve Argue
10:00 AM Exclusive Interview
Dan Scott
10:30 AM Live Recording: Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast
Carey Nieuwhof & John Townsend
11:15 AM Exclusive Interview
Stuart Hall
11:30 AM Keynote Session
Reggie Joiner & Kara Powell
12:00 PM Exclusive Interview
Kristen Ivy
12:15 PM Live Recording: Think Orange Podcast
Dave Adamson, Ashley Bohinc, Sam Collier & Tedashii
12:55 PM FX: “Jingle Jam: A Sense-ible Christmas”
2:05 PM Exclusive Interview
Mike Clear
2:20 PM Instant Replay: OC18 Opening Keynote Session Message
Reggie Joiner
2:50 PM Exclusive Interview
Afton Phillips
3:05 PM Closing Keynote Session
Louie Giglio
3:45 PM The Go Orange Giveaway Winner Announcement
Dave Adamson & Daniel De Jesus


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