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Are We There Yet?

Orange Kids
Orange Kids Sunday April 1, 2018
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Road trips. We all take them. We might be able to recall a memory from our childhood sliding around in the backseat (yes, we used to be ok not wearing a seatbelt.)  I remember flipping my cassette tape over to side B and adjusting my headphones while I strategically positioned my pillow in between the headrest and the door. Road trips for me were all about music and food! I loved getting to go through a drive through at the half way point where I could super-size my meal for .25 cents and have it my way.  As a kid I used to love taking trips. It meant we were on an adventure and something new was going to happen. I do recall asking my parents are we there yet? Which is kind of the stereotypical question from kids when you’re in the car. However, I don’t recall that I was annoying.  Fast forward to today and I am in the driver’s seat and my two daughters are in the back seat asking me are we there yet. And yep… it is annoying. Ok it’s not that bad. Every month with 252 kids we have a New life app and we say that a life app is something that God does in us, so we can change the world around us. We don’t want to just be hearers of the word, we want to do what it says.  Having patience is hard. We want what we want when we want it. This month we want to encourage you to model patience. Don’t just talk about it be about it.

This month’s memory verse is “Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14, What happens when we apply this scripture to our day to day circumstances? Perhaps it means we pray more then we complain about something. Maybe we choose to persevere when we don’t feel like it. Hopefully above all else we can trust that Gods timing and his plans for us are better than what we can imagine!

I hope that this Easter as we celebrate that Jesus is alive that we can hold on to a piece of eternity.  We have to choose to be patient and intentional on our “Road Trip” through this lifetime until the day we get to see our loving heavenly father face to face and we hear him say those sweet words , “Well done good and faithful.”

Life is an adventure and as we journey together let us continue to live out the life app of Patience and go ahead take a pit stop and get that coffee or ice cream your craving because unfortunately we aren’t there yet!

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