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Life Is A Party

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday October 12, 2017
<? echo $type; ?> Life Is A Party

Last night, I called my little twin grand-daughters right before bed to video chat. They are three-years-old and live fifteen hours away. “Hey Kitty!” they said. “We’re having a sleep party!” My daughter-in-law stepped in to explain that right now everything’s a party. Bedtime is a sleep party. They have lunch parties, watching Beauty and the Beast parties, go see Daddy at work parties, and on and on. Oh, to enjoy life like a three-year-old!

I started thinking about it. What if Sunday morning on our preschool hall was a big party? Think about it – Jesus loves a party! I mean, didn’t He choose to perform His first miracle at a party? And, isn’t He currently preparing a big party for us and coming back soon to get us so we can enjoy it?

What makes a good party?

Cool music – √
Dancing – √
Friends – √
Snacks – √
Presents – (placemats, crafts, etc.) – √

Wow – that sounds a lot like a Sunday morning in preschool! As leaders, let’s welcome our little friends to the party this week and help them see that life with Jesus is ONE GREAT PARTY!

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