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What Do You Do That Matters?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday May 26, 2017
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A man boards a plane after closing the biggest deal of his career, one that will make him wealthy for the rest of his life. He sits next to a saintly older woman, and after getting settled, she touches his hand gently and says, “What do you do . . . that matters?”

He doesn’t have an answer.

In another part of the country, a young woman steps into a worship gathering for the first time. She searches for purpose in her life, in the things that she does—her friends, family, career, and more. She has concerns about the world and the powers that influence it and providing a better life to those in need. With untold years ahead of her, she longs for a life that matters, and she has walked into a church.

She smells coffee and heads to the counter where people are milling around and grabbing a cup before going into the service.

While an older generation might be satisfied with bad or instant brands, coffee sends a message to her. She knows that farmers and workers must accept embarrassingly low prices for their crops to simply survive since corporate interests take advantage of their poverty. She may not know the details, but she has an understanding of Fair Trade and the international goal to give people a dignified wage for their products and services.

She also knows the taste of good coffee.

What does this coffee say to her? Perhaps there is no brand or any message. Perhaps it is a cheap, bad tasting coffee that she suspects does no good for others. At its worst, it might harm the poor and hurting. And it is being served in a church that claims the redemptive love of the Father?

But another option exists.

Perhaps it is Phoenix Roasters, which directly pays farmers exceedingly more than Fair Trade. Maybe she reads literature that explains how this coffee supports missionaries, funds orphanages, and gives a true living wage to the people that work the farms that stabilize and transform communities around the world. Perhaps she picks up a flyer that tells her how the coffee plants churches and works to end sex trafficking, homelessness, and domestic violence here in the United States.

Maybe she sees pictures of the missional farmers, families working in the field, and the children whose lives are changed by a simple dignified exchange. She takes in the images of people from different cultures and countries serving together to make a difference.

Then she brings that steaming cup of coffee up to her nose, breathes in the aroma, and takes a sip.

And it tastes amazing.

What does that say to a young woman visiting that fellowship, someone wondering if this is the place to invest time and money and her heart? What does that communicate to a young person connected to the world and concerned about how to love our global neighbors?

More than any other time in history, our generation asks the question: “What do I do that matters?” While the same church will have other opportunities to connect that young woman to the world mission of God, that simple moment speaks volumes to her. This is a church that seeks to do good even with the coffee that they serve on a Sunday morning. Their coffee is connected to mission, redemption, and transformation. What else does this church do if they are intentional about their coffee?

She walks into the worship service hopeful and expectant.

Like the man on a plane or a young woman visiting a church for the first time, more than any other time in history, our generation asks the question: “What do I do that matters?”

We are Phoenix Roasters, serving amazing coffee that supports Kingdom efforts in missions, relief, and church planting for the last eight years. We are #coffeethatmatters.

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Britt Mooney is a pastor at the Phoenix Community of Suwanee in Georgia and works with marketing at Phoenix Roasters. He and his wife, Becca, have three great kids. He has years of experience writing novels, songs, and articles. Mostly, he loves Jesus.

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