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The top 25 quotes from Orange Conference 2017

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday May 2, 2017
<? echo $type; ?> The top 25 quotes from Orange Conference 2017

There was a lot more valuable information at Orange Conference 2017 than these 25 quotes, but hopefully these will keep you inspired and thinking about being for your neighbor until we gather again next year!

Quotes From OC17

  1. “What killed my father was not hate, but indifference and apathy.” @BerniceKing #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “If there’s any entity that should lead the way in treating everyone like they’re invited to the party, it should be the church.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “It’s time to coach kids in what it means to love their neighbor and to serve.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “Young people can download thoughtful preaching but they can’t download thoughtful mentoring.” @KPowellfyi #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “Instead of seeing busyness as a badge of honor, maybe we should see it as a brokenness.” @DougFields #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “If serving doesn’t cost you anything, it probably doesn’t change anything, either.” @ChrisConlee #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “You can’t dismiss people and be in love with God.” @AndyStanley #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “We don’t have to agree with each other to be for each other.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “Your love for God is demonstrated and authenticated by how we treat those around us.” @AndyStanley #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “Get in the habit in your life of doing something you don’t have to do.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “There are no ordinary children.” @DJStrickland #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “We’ve got to stop acting like discipleship is about information, and realize discipleship is about relationship.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “What if the next generation needs to have a voice more than they need to hear our voice?” @GeraldFadayomi #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “If reconciliation is the goal, then your tactics have to be in line with that goal.” @BerniceKing #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “I may not condone everything you do. But I’m not there to condemn you.” @lecrae #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “A party is any effort to celebrate, serve, or enjoy each other in a way that adds value to life.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “Some of your neighbors feel like you don’t love them because you act like you don’t like them.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “You are never more like God than when you invest in other people.” @ReggieJoiner #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “God doesn’t answer the question: ‘How close can I get to sin without sinning?'” @AndyStanley #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “You can make excuses, or you can make progress. You can’t make both.” @CNieuwhof #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “If you’ll live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.” @lecrae #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “Fail trying. Don’t fail watching.” @BobGoff #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “On your very worst day, Jesus calls you beloved.” @BobGoff #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “Busy is the enemy of neighborly.” @DougFields #OC17 [click to tweet]
  1. “A neighbor-minded church allows people to belong before they believe.” @JeffHenderson #OC17 [click to tweet]

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