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Orange Leaders Audio Blog Starter Pack

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Orange Leaders Wednesday April 26, 2017
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We’ve recorded nearly 150 episodes of the Orange Leaders Audio Blog, which means there’s a lot to catch up on if you’re a first-time listener!

OLAB is an audio version of the best-of-the-best blog articles from OrangeLeaders.com. With each episode under 10 minutes long, it has become the go-to library of family leadership podcasts. Pick and choose the ministry topics of your choice, or move through the episodes chronologically. Either way, you’ll get fresh, hot ministry ideas and inspiration.

To get a sense of our podcast, and of what Orange is all about, here’s a “starter pack” list of episodes to get your feet wet.

5 Orange 101 Episodes

OLAB 096: Strategy, Not Curriculum
OLAB 097: The One Thing That Shapes How You Treat Families
OLAB 098: The Power Of A Bigger Story
OLAB 099: Act Like Every Parent You Meet Is Coming To Your Church This Sunday
OLAB 100: Making the Shift

5 Most Downloaded Episodes

OLAB 052: Gaining a Perspective on Failure
OLAB 072: Volunteer Recruiting Made Easy?
OLAB 050: What It Takes to Lead the Next Generation
OLAB 051: How One Orange Church Served Its Community Via the Juvenile Court System
OLAB 064: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Navigating Tough Issues

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