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Download the OC17 App Today!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday April 18, 2017
<? echo $type; ?> Download the OC17 App Today!

The Orange Conference fits in the palm of your hand! This iConference experience will help you prepare for your time at conference, equip you while on-site, allow you to rate Breakouts afterward, and oh, so much more.

Even those not attending the conference can still have fun with the App, including watching the Live Stream and staying up-to-date on the social conversation.

Features include:

  • View the full conference schedule, personal schedule and track schedules.
  • Find restaurants and hotels near the venue.
  • Change Breakout selections.
  • Evaluate Breakouts.
  • View and post to social media.
  • Read up on conference speakers and artists.
  • Access the venue map.
  • Watch the Live Stream.
  • View special offers.
  • Read news and announcements.
  • Purchase tickets and store items.

At this time, The Orange Conference App is only available for the iPhone. Download, explore and enjoy!

If you do not have an iPhone, we recommend that you bookmark the conference website on your phone’s browser for easy access.

And if you are someone who enjoys bonus information, we’d love to text you about updates, reminders and important OC17 news. Texting will be done selectively, not excessively. Just text “OC17” to 404-445-2198 to stay in-the-know. If you’re participating from home and want reminders and updates about the Live Stream, text “LIVE” to 404-445-2198.

The Orange Conference 2017 will take place in Atlanta from April 26-28.
Time and tickets are running out! For more information and to register, please visit TheOrangeConference.com.

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