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6 Ideas for Hosting Effective Easter Services

Joe McAlpine
Joe McAlpine Tuesday April 11, 2017
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It is no secret that Easter and Christmas are two of the most attended church holidays in the country. Because Easter always happens on a Sunday, that means full swing family ministry is in effect. It is so important that we are ready for the huge influx of families on this day, and that we put our best foot forward. When families visit your church on Easter, it is one of your greatest opportunities to show them that coming to your church every week is something they will definitely want to make time for.

So how can you be ready for this weekend? It all starts with planning, and now is the time to start making sure you will have everything you need to make this one of the best Easter weekends ever! Here are some thoughts to consider when planning for an epic Easter in your family ministry.

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish.

What does success look like? Consider this question through multiple lenses. How will you process check-in for all of the first-time families that will be visiting you that weekend? What do you want kids and families to learn while they are in your care? How will you handle security?

Define the next step for families.

This is huge. When families come and experience your church on Easter, what is next? Consider planning an event or cool series for kids shortly after Easter. Make sure to advertise it to families through your bulletin, website and handouts. This is a great opportunity to let families know that there is more!

Recruit, recruit, recruit!

With all those extra kids, you are going to absolutely need extra hands. Consider having a recruitment drive within your church to get extra help in your family ministry. We recommend doing a SOWO event (Serve One, Worship One). This is a signup where families within your church can commit to attending one service and then serving one, together as a family. Open it up to everyone in the church, not just regular volunteers. This accomplishes two major things. On one hand, it gets you extra help. On the other hand, it allows people who don’t normally serve in the family ministry an opportunity to try it out. After the Easter weekend you can email all of the people who helped out and ask them if they would like to try serving on a regular basis. It is important to remember that you will still need to screen everyone that will be serving, so make sure you have a process for that!

Define a follow up process.

So you will most definitely have a ton of new families visiting you on Easter. How do you plan on connecting with them again? Consider developing a process that will allow you to connect with the families that visit you after the weekend is over. This will be a great way to hopefully engage them in things you do later in the year, like summer events for example!

Have a family ministry presence in your lobby.

Consider creating a family ministry booth in your lobby for the Easter weekend. Staff it with smiling people who are ready to help new families in any way needed. This will help people know that your church loves kids and students.

Ask your Senior Leadership to talk about how awesome your family ministry is during the service.

This doesn’t need to be long and drawn out, but it is for certain that there will be families visiting who will choose to stay all together and go to the adult service. When your Lead Pastor talks about the family ministry at the church during the service, it will show those families how important their kids are to your church!

Easter is a great time of celebration and has deeps roots for many families. Make sure you do everything you can to have your best foot forward so families feel loved, encouraged and secure while they celebrate with you!

Joe McAlpine has been involved in ministry for over a decade, serving in staff leadership at churches ranging in attendance from 500 to 7000. Joe currently leads the family ministry team at Mosaic Church in Wisconsin. Mosaic is a church plant that is only a year old and has a heart for discipleship. Joe is happily married to DeAnn and has four children, Elijah, Selah, David, and Elisabeth. In his spare time, you can find him hanging with the family and playing his ukulele.