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Be a Part of the #OC17 Action—Wherever You Are!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday April 6, 2017
<? echo $type; ?> Be a Part of the #OC17 Action—Wherever You Are!

Over 7,000 of you will be joining us in Atlanta very soon! And while we’d love for everyone reading this to be here in person, we realize that’s not always possible. So, we’d like to offer you the next best thing: Tune in online. You’ll be able to see on- and off-stage action, including select sessions, speaker interviews, new resources and plenty of giveaways!

Be sure to RSVP for the Live Stream to receive additional information and special offers only available to this group.

And don’t forget to invite you friends to watch with you! You could even invite everyone that serves in family ministry to tune in live to the opening session of Orange Conference. All you need is an Internet connection! Imagine the sense of community you could create among your teams by gathering them all together in one place! Doesn’t that seem pretty easy with some nice benefits for your team?

Happy Streaming!

The full Live Stream schedule will be posted just prior to the conference on this blog.

The Orange Conference 2017 will take place in Atlanta from April 26–28.
Time and tickets are running out! For more information and to register,
please visit TheOrangeConference.com.

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