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OC17 Breakouts—Registration Opens Today!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday February 1, 2017
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We have an important announcement: Orange Conference 2017 BREAKOUTS OPEN AT NOON EASTERN TIME TODAY! So make plans to register as soon as you can. Some Breakouts will fill up quickly, and we want you to have the best chance at registering for your first picks.

Remember, the best way to learn how to do what you do better is to listen to those who have a proven track record.

At OC17, you’ll learn from a host of experience practitioners and thought leaders who will challenge you to rethink how you measure success. These leaders are committed to helping you win in your ministry.

They will mobilize you to:

Discover new ideas
Imagine new possibilities
Engage new strategies
Access new resources

That’s why OC17 offers more than 100 different breakouts to provide you with unique insights into making a lasting impact on your neighbors.

But don’t let the options overwhelm you. We’ve created focused tracks so you can easily identify the information that’s most relevant for you. You can stay in a single track or customize your experience by making your own connections across multiple tracks.

And if you want four more Breakouts, be sure to add YOULEAD Labs, a place to connect and learn from leaders who are focused on reaching the same tribe you’ve been called to reach. During these Wednesday morning and afternoon sessions, you’ll be able to share common challenges, discover new strategies, and connect with people who do what you do every week.

(You can find instructions on how to register and much more right here.)

The Orange Conference 2017 will take place in Atlanta from April 26-28. Register by February 16 to save $50 and receive a $50 Orange credit. For more information and to register, visit TheOrangeConference.com.

ReThink Leadership will also take place in Atlanta from April 26-28, across the street from OC17. Register by February 16 to save $40. For more information, visit ReThinkLeadership.com.


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