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This Winter’s BEST Volunteer Conference!

Sue Miller
Sue Miller Tuesday January 10, 2017
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It’s Time! It’s Time!

Do you guys know that we have a winter volunteer conference? Yep, it’s for real.

It’s called Live to Serve, and it launches this month. Surprised?

Let me explain for a second.

If you and I have spent any time together, you already know that I am passionate about volunteers—your volunteers. I want each one of them to be convinced that their role is significant and their mission compelling enough to give their very best effort. I want them to know that they have so much to gain when investing in someone else for free.

That’s why Orange asked a team of us to do Live to Serve—a 210-minute volunteer conference in four major cities this winter. We develop volunteers in the morning, then turnaround and provide coaching for leaders all afternoon. We have the best day as we get to meet many of you and hear your stories.

Our goal is to develop your kidmin volunteers—giving them a chance to work on their skills for Sundays. We want to help them be better storytellers, administrators, small group leaders or worship team artists. We want to train preschool, middle school and high school leaders greeters, special needs heroes, nursery caregivers—absolutely everyone who serves in your ministry! The more the merrier!

This year’s Live to Serve tour is coming to:

Knoxville, Tennessee, January 28
Cincinnati, Ohio, March 4
Norfolk, Virginia, March 11
Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 25
Naperville, Illinois, April 1

So we’re in furious packing mode right now as we get ready to hit the road. We’ve packed up our interactive stuff, our crazy games with Adam and Kellen, our teaching props, surprises and fun. All need now is YOU!

We. Can’t. Wait.

Sue is a leader, author, and gifted communicator. She joined the Orange team in 2005 after 17 years of leading Promiseland at Willow Creek Community Church. Sue was instrumental in leading the change process that grew Promiseland into a cutting edge ministry known around the world. At Orange, Sue travels extensively, feeding her passion to mentor leaders, inspire volunteers, and consult with churches that strive to partner with parents. Sue has recently authored two books alongside Adam Duckworth: "NotNormal — 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers" and "Leading Not Normal Volunteers."