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A Christmas How-To for Your Preschool Families

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday November 15, 2016
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As fall settles in, naturally we begin to look forward and ask, “What’s next?” Whether you’re a church leader or parent, the children you impact are about to experience their first, second, fourth … thirteenth Christmas. What do you want them to know this season? How can you teach (and remind them of) the true meaning of this exciting, gift-filled, twinkly lighted Christmas?


Written just for preschoolers and toddlers, The Christmas Story presents the story of the greatest gift ever given! As small group leaders, volunteers, and families share this great news with children this season, Orange Books has provided an amazing supplemental (and free!) resource. The Christmas Story Ornament Set uses art from The Christmas Story and gives step-by-step instructions on how to create a set of ornaments to retell the story of Christmas. Imagine these ornaments in every preschooler’s hands and on every family’s tree—brought out year after year to help children remember what Christmas really is.

With each purchase of The Christmas Story book, parents and churches will receive the free Christmas Story Ornament Set download. (For more information on how to order The Christmas Story and terms of use for the Ornament Set download, visit OrangeBooksforPreschoolers.com.)



As you think about how you want to incorporate The Christmas Story and the Ornament Set in your plans for the season, we thought we would share some ideas about how you can offer this great resource to families.

We’ve created three different options for giving The Christmas Story Ornament Set to the families of preschoolers in your church. Let your imagination run wild as you look through these pictures and find inspiration for what will work for your unique situation and needs. You will see a list of the supplies needed for each option, along with an estimated cost per family for assembling these ornament sets. (Included with your free download is a simple supply list for all three of these options and a breakdown of the cost per item.)

Whether you choose to give families the Ornament Set printout by itself, or you make a box that includes The Christmas Story book for each family, there’s an option to fit every church budget!


Give each family a festive gift bag with the Ornament Set printout and fillable plastic ornaments* to create a set of four durable, keepsake ornaments!



*A note about “ornament fillers”: If you choose to use fillable plastic ornaments, you may also want to provide some “ornament fillers”: small objects to add visual interest and help preschoolers retell the Christmas story! For example, baby boy confetti to represent the angel bringing good news to Mary, raffia “straw” for the manger, fluffy white “wool” pom-poms for the shepherds watching their sheep, and a sparkly star that showed the Wise Men the way to God’s Son!


Supplies for Option One: Gift Bag

  • The Christmas Story Ornament Set (PDF printout)
  • 1 brown paper gift bag
  • 4 fillable plastic ornaments (2 1/4″) We got ours here.
  • 1 piece red tissue paper

Cost per family: $2.87 


Give each family what they need to create a set of keepsake ornaments, along with a small box that preschoolers can decorate and store their special ornaments in.


Supplies for Option Two: Gift Box

  • The Christmas Story Ornament Set (PDF printout)
  • 1 gift box with handle
  • 4 fillable plastic ornaments (2 1/4″) We got ours here.
  • 4 ornament hooks

Ornament fillers (optional):

  • 5 white pom-poms (0.25 in)
  • 1 silver star foam shape
  • 5 pieces “It’s a Boy” blue baby shower confetti
  • 1 10-inch piece curly raffia
  • 1 snack-sized plastic bag

Cost per family: $3.46 


Create a special gift for families, complete with the Ornament Set printout, plastic fillable ornaments, and a copy of The Christmas Story board book—all in a box preschoolers can decorate and use to keep their Christmas Story ornaments and all of their special ornaments in to add to the tree year after year!


Supplies for Option Three: Gift Box and Book

  • The Christmas Story board book
  • The Christmas Story Ornament Set (PDF printout)
  • 1 rectangular photo storage box
  • Decorative gift filler (paper shreds)
  • 4 fillable plastic ornaments (2 1/4″) We got ours here.
  • 4 ribbon hangers

Ornament fillers (optional):

  • 5 white pom-poms (0.25 in)
  • 1 silver star foam shape
  • 5 pieces “It’s a Boy” blue baby shower confetti
  • 1 10-inch piece curly raffia
  • 1 snack-sized plastic bag

Cost per family:
$18.21 (when you purchase 1–10 books*)
$17.21 for (when you purchase 11–25 books*)
$16.21 for (when you purchase 26–100 books*)
$13.21 for (when you purchase 101+ books*)

 * From OrangeStore.org.

How will you share The Christmas Story and this Ornament Set with your families this Christmas? We want to see your ideas! Share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag: #TheChristmasStoryBook

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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