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It Started at the Nursery Door

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday October 20, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> It Started at the Nursery Door

At a new Bible study, I ran into the mother of two grown boys. Her greeting began, “You would never recognize my boys now.” She added, “One of my special memories of you was the first day we came to the church. I brought my crying baby to the nursery. I was so upset. I didn’t know what to do. You calmly held out your arms for him and let me know you LOVE babies and there are special people here that will lovingly care for him. You assured me a care-giver would call me if he cried more than a few minutes.”

She admitted, “I gladly placed him in your arms, threw back my head to heaven, and in my heart I cried out, ‘Thank you!’”

She grinned and said as we went our separate ways, “You always loved our boys well.”

I wasn’t always there with her boys. They experienced the love of Jesus each year from Small Group Leaders who love kids and want them to know Jesus.

Small Group Leaders are important BIG TIME!

Each special leader helps little learners:
Hear truths from God’s Word
Experience the love of Jesus
Make connections between God’s Word and real life
Learn to love Jesus and want Him to be their friend forever
Begin to walk in His ways

For one family, it all started at the nursery door and continued to develop each year in small groups.

It can happen to a family in your environment too. All it takes is Small Group Leaders. Share some stories you’ve heard about the power of a Small Group Leader.

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