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Fall 2016 Orange Blogger Week!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday October 10, 2016
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It’s Orange Blogger Week!

We know it’s hard to believe, but welcome to October and fall! For you, that may mean watching football and eating all things pumpkin spice. For us, it means that Orange Conference registration is about to open, and it’s Blogger Week!

Registration for OC17 opens on Thursday, and we have some friends lined up to share their past conference highlights, lessons learned, team experiences and future expectations. We’d love for you to join the conversation!

Check out this list of bloggers below and follow along with them this week, it’s a great opportunity to get excited and prepared for the big event with the Orange Bloggers. They have a wealth of ministry experience to share!

Tom Pounder: YMSidekick.com
Nick Blevins: NickBlevins.com
Cory Sullivan: TheConqueringOfChaos.com
Corey Jones: CoreyRayJones.com
Ron Brooks: PastorRonBrooks.com
Brian Dodd: InjoyStewardship.com and BrianDoddOnLeadership.com
Elle Campbell: ElleCampbell.org
JC Thompson: JCIsOnline.com
Rob Cizek: RobCizek.com
Steve Cullum: SteveCullum.com
Tom Bump: PTBump.com
Aaron Buer: AaronBuer.com
Lisa Molite: ReadySetSunday.com
Benjamin Kerns: AverageYouthMinistry.com
Dexter Culbreath: Dexistence.com

And don’t forget, OC17 registration opens THIS THURSDAY! FOR ONE DAY ONLY you’ll receive $90 off regular registration rates, pay only $259 per person, AND get Insider First Access to Breakouts when they become available. Get all the info at TheOrangeConference.com.

Happy reading!

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